With PMG’s HPMS Manager, transportation agencies can take advantage of an easy to use set of tools to correlate and validate data prior to upload to the FHWA’s HPMS site. The HPMS submittal process is a time consuming effort involving data cleanup, formatting, upload, validation, and rework; at the same time competing with other agencies for FHWA resources. Fully compatible with Esri’s Roads and Highways, HPMS Manager allows DOT HPMS Coordinators to execute the same quality control validations run by FHWA within their own environment. This allows a DOT to cleanse data prior to upload, providing better validation results, and saving the most important resource – time.  HPMS Manager uses Geoprocessing Models, further leveraging a DOT’s existing software environment and Enterprise GIS licensing.  Additional capabilities include advanced ad-hoc reporting and creation of the Certified Mileage report.

  • Full Suite of Validations based on FHWA Specifications
  • Advanced ad-hoc reporting
  • Designed to work in conjunction with Esri Roads and Highways
  • Leverages ArcGIS Licensing
  • Models can be edited/modified to exact user specs
  • Generate the Certified Mileage report