The Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS) is a web-based, spatially enabled solution which allows users to query data from mulitple enterprise systems.  Data is presented in both tabular and spatial formats, allowing users to not only report on information but to see how it relates spatially.  ITMS users are able to quickly tap into volumes of existing data, in real time, finding answers to questions needed to accomplish diverse tasks and assignments. With ITMS, seemingly disjointed pieces of information are combined in an easily understandable format that makes both problems and solutions more manageable. ITMS can be integrated with every major system in your enterprise, includiing roadway inventory, construction management, maintenance management, safety, bridge, pavement, traffic, and financial systems.

  • Ability to query multiple enterprise systems in real-time to combine information
  • Results are provided in both tabular and spatial format, enhancing the ability to analyze query results.
  • Provides access to photolog, pavement, road inventory, bridge, dedicated roads and traffic viewers
  • Data is organized by type, but no in-depth knowledge of each data source is required
  • Customize the spatial results to meet your specific requirements
  • Quick access to common information via a Click Queries approach
  • Reports can be customized to include additional required information