The Project Programming System (P2S) product affords the ability to plan, program, and maintain projects in an intuitive, web based, spatially enabled interface.  Our product allows users to create projects by entering pertinent information, including funding sources and the locations affected.  Once the planning phase is complete, the project is ready to be programmed where funds can be obligated and authorized.  Not only can you follow the project throughout its entire lifecycle, our solution automates the approval workflow process for obligating funds.  Our product is designed to be tightly coupled and share data with a host of complementary systems as it moves through the project programming process.

Main topic items on the sheet

  1. Plan and Program Projects
  2. Gain Approvals and Obligate Funds
  3. Create Proposals and Contracts
  4. Detect Project Conflicts and view on a map
  5. Analyze projects on a map
  6. Integrates with the STIP
  7. Integrates with management and scheduling systems
  8. Report