The PMG Performance Viewer is a web-based application that organizes and presents high level, enterprise wide, asset management information in a user-friendly interface.  The Performance Viewer allows users to understand the overall conditions of assets such as pavement quality or overall bridge condition. Users can customize the data by types, time periods, and locations to get to the information they need.  Once the information is presented, you can view either pie charts or bar graphs to help assess conditions.  The ability to map the data or download to Excel allows you to perform further analysis on the requested information.

  • Ability to group data by types (e.g. Pavement, Bridge)
  • Filter by data type, time periods and locations
  • Compare multiple years of data to see trends
  • Map the results presented in charts
  • View the data in pie chart or bar graph format
  • Configurable charts, legends, and labels
  • Download data to excel for further analysis