pmgSLD is an interactive Straight Line Diagraming tool where users can view roadway attributes, assets, and map information related to a route in one intuitive interface.  Fully integrated into Esri’s Roads and Highways Event Editor, pmgSLD offers the most complete SLD solution on the market.  The event editing experience is improved and simplified by providing event information back to the user in a linear stacked display, allowing users to review and edit event data in context of other related events while “driving” down a route.

Integration with R&H Event Editor allows pmgSLD to leverage the same backend map and editing controls. This key benefit provides the user with a known interface and common tools for map navigation, adding and editing point and line events, QA/QC, and redlining. pmgSLD enhances the user experience with options to easily navigate to a route location, display a user defined section of a route, QA/QC a specific section of a route, fill event gaps directly, and customize the event and straight-line display. This is a critical element for HPMS users, who must ensure alignment of key data items for federal reporting. This multi-dimensional view immediately highlights discrepancies in HPMS sample sections that can now easily be seen and corrected.

  • Full R&H Integration
  • Multi LRM Support
  • User Customizable Display
  • Editor and View Only Versions Available