RIMS is a comprehensive, geospatial based system responsible for managing all aspects of a DOT’s Roadway Inventory.  From managing data for the HPMS submittal, to importing crash information and integrating with traffic data, RIMS is the hub for providing road network information throughout a DOT.  At the heart of RIMS is the ability to modify routes as changes take place along the road network.  Making sure that all roadway attributes continue to be located correctly when realignments take place is critical to maintaining a proper view of the road network.  RIMS supports all of the modification types needed to keep the road network up to date.  From adding and deleting new routes, to making adjustments from any point, RIMS is capable of maintaining accurate asset locations.  Additional RIMS modules are available for Data Maintenance, Ad-hoc Query, and robust Reporting.

  • Manages the authoritative LRS used by other departmental systems
  • Manage the HPMS submittal process
  • Manages the annual bridge report submittal process
  • Tightly coupled with pavement management and traffic management solutions
  • Robust reporting tools which allow users to select from many Standard Reports or build their own queries via an Advanced Reports interface.
  • Ability to map data to the RIMS-based spatial interface
  • Manages safety data