PMG’s Traffic Data Manager (TDM) is a web-based application enabling DOT agencies to manage, analyze and report Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and other critical traffic data.   AADT is one of the most sought after attributes of any roadway. Due to fiscal constraints, the importance of AADT to both transportation agencies and federal authorities will only continue to increase. Access to this information must be fast and accurate.  The TDM application provides a complete system including:

  • A map-based interface
  • Integration with Esri’s Roads & Highways
  • Management of both permanent and portable sites
  • Scheduling assistance for collecting data
  • Import mechanism for hourly data
  • Creation of year-end AADT values
  • Creation and validation of HPMS required traffic data items
  • Creation of HPMS traffic files needed for the yearly submittal
  • Ad hoc query and reporting tools